A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Night Knight is the first project i have done using the Unity engine, it took 7 months of development and highly helped me to improve my skills as a developer.

It's the story of a guy who has to save his world where the day's light never appears invaded by misterious creatures he needs to defeat.


The things you have to do in the game are really simple : make your way through the enemies and clear each island of the map while you try to understand the story behind what happened before your arrival on a journey to discover and defeat the source of the evilness that invaded your world.

A Thing you should know before downloading :

The game was realised in quite some time as an hobby and 
may have bugs that make the experience less enjoyable, that is due to 
the fact it is my first project and i didn't have many people that 
could test the game out, i hope you can still enjoy the experience 
and that you will understand if here and there something isn't 
working as it should.

Install instructions

If you are on windows to install the game you simply need to download the installer and execute it to start the setup, then you are good to go.

If you are using Mac OSX you will need to download the .app application and execute it to start the game, you will also need to chmod the .app to get the permissions to run it.

If you are using Linux you will need to download the zipped game folder where you can find the game data and application.


Night Knight Setup.exe 54 MB
Night Knight OSX.rar 69 MB
Night Knight Linux.rar 71 MB

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